Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oval table refinish

This table came with the dining room chairs I bought on Craigslist - it was the same honey color as the chairs - I started sanding before I snapped a photo! oops...but you can see the color on the legs!
Pretty simple project - I put a few coats of Provincial stain on it - then sealed it with a satin polyurethane. I love satin! I also painted the legs a soft blue :)

Serving Tray

I found this serving tray at my local Habitat Restore and it looked a little lonely so I brought it home with me. :)
I decided to paint it! haha surprised? I had some blue and white satin paint left over from previous projects so I just mixed them together and came up with a color I liked. I painted the frame first, distressed it with some sandpaper and glaze, and then sealed it with a satin polycrylic! LOVE that stuff. I also used Mod Podge to attach a piece of scrapbook paper to the inside of the tray - after it dried I put another layer of it on top to seal it.
I was going to replace the handles, but I just loved the way they looked so I kept them!

Dining Chairs

I needed chairs to go with my table, so back to craigslist I went! I found these pretty chairs for a great deal and they came with a round table as well. Once again you can see my sweet hubby helping out :) Loved the style of the chairs, but the color had to go. I sanded them down best I could and painted them white - all except for the seat. I wanted to stain the seat to match the table top - so I had to strip the seats (which was a huge pain!!!!) took forever, but the outcome was worth it. :) I also sealed the seat with satin polycrylic.
I also sanded the edges some and used a brush to wipe on some glaze to make it look antique :)
It took me several months to get every chair done - It will be a long time before I attempt such a large project again! But I do love it soooooooo! Here it is all together :)

Farmhouse Table Makeover

I was searching for a new dining room table and had fallen in love with the Pottery Barn tables, but knew It was absolutely not in my budget! So I came up with a plan to create my own. I started scouring craigslist until I found this beauty!!!! I fell in love with the legs of this table and also the fact the top was planked.

The first thing I did was strip the top and sand it down really well - Here is my handsome hubby helping me!
Next I wiped it down really good with mineral spirits to clean it off really good. Then I put one coat of stain on the top. ( I think it was Dark Walnut) I really liked the way it looked so I didn't bother to put another coat on. Then I sanded the legs and painted them white - I wish I could remember the color...I'm sure I could dig up the can somewhere. Then I roughed them up a little and put a brown glaze on them.
Isn't She Lovely? :) Of course I needed chairs.... ;)

Friday, January 13, 2012

End Table Makeover

So we bought these lovely things a few years back. I noticed the other day that the black paint on the top was beginning to chip! Probably because we have no coasters ;) Again I got ahead of myself before I remembered to stop and take a picture! So these pictures have stripper on top already, but you can see where the paint was chipping off.
So I used stripper for the top because it is easier than trying to sand it all off. I was scared because I had no idea what kind of wood was underneath! ...or what shape it would be in. I have tried 3 or 4 different strippers on my projects and this one is my absolute favorite!!! Its very potent though, so wear gloves or it will burn your skin!
I was very pleased to see that underneath all that black paint was a beautiful piece of wood!!!! So I brushed some stain on top ( Minwax / Provincial) and then added a few coats of satin polycrylic. Love that stuff! And voila :)

Writing/Computer Table

So my husband got this cute little table for me a few months ago. (ignore my mess!!!)He found it in his dads barn and he was sweet enough to bring it home for me :) love that guy! And I found the chair on the side of the road haha. Its not really anything special, but it works for now. Besides, I couldn't just leave it on the side of the road all alone!

I decided to paint it. (*surprise*) I got so wrapped up in this project I forgot to stop and take pictures along the way lol. I do that a lot! I just sanded down the top by hand, and since it looked so pretty just like it was, I skipped any stain and just put a satin lacquer on top.